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Kaitiaki Adventures
White water rafting, sledging and hiking in Rotorua

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A ‘kaitiaki’ is a guardian, keeper, preserver, conservator, protector. The addition of ‘tanga’ denotes preservation, conservation and protection. The concept of Kaitiakitanga is a part of a complex social, cultural, economic and spiritual system. To understand Kaitiakitanga is to have and understanding of a Māori world view of relating to the world around us.

  • “We had an amazing time in the rapids and waterfalls and I would highly recommend Kaitiaki to anyone wanting the full 'white water' experience”
  • “If you havent already been white-water rafting then this is the BEST place in the world to have a go!”
In the hongi, the breath of life is exchanged in a symbolic show of unity.
Through the exchange of this greeting, one is no longer considered manuhiri, a visitor, but rather tangata whenua, one of the people of the land.

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